Weight Loss

Lose Weight Naturally, Steadily & Healthily and Keep it Off

If you have tried before and failed to lose weight or keep it off, Hypnotherapy can help you to lose and manage your weight easily on a long term basis. It will assist to train your mind to automatically not want to eat junk food, improve body self image, increase exercise and boost energy and motivation.

Hypnotherapy can assist you to stop fad dieting and overeating and feel satisfied on healthy nutritious food while still enjoying your most favourite foods appropriately and within limits

How does Hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

Hypnotherapy will drive down deep into your subconscious mind so you accept weight loss is necessary. This results in you automatically making certain changes in your lifestyle. You will have a different attitude towards food and will result in good healthy lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy will assist with developing a strong relationship with healthy nutritious food and you will be aware of your overall energy intake. Because of this, you will make the necessary changes to achieve your goal and ensure you are in this healthy lifestyle for life and not just for short term weight loss

Is this another diet?

No, this is not a diet. Diets dont work long term. You cannot substitute diet for a healthy attitude to food and exercise

Are you an emotional eater or tempted by seeing what others eat or addicted to chocolate?

Hypnotherapy can assist you to limit emotional eating.

Hypnotherapy can assist with regaining control in tempting situations like the office or at a restaurant to ensure you eat the food you desire in order to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Hypnotherapy can assist you to stop eating chocolate altogether, or reduce to an acceptable level

The 3 session program includes a Free MP3 that you can use for life

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