Pain Relief

Do you suffer from Chronic Pain?

When pain persists, what you think, feel and do everyday affects your pain. In order to change the intensity of your pain state it is important to change your thinking at a subconscious level

Hypnotherapy is a very effective to take control of your pain by enabling you to change your thoughts and emotional responses to your pain. Also using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  will help to retrain neural pathways and calm down the areas of your central nervous system, reducing the response in the areas of the brain responding to the pain intensity

Hypnosis is a wonderfully relaxed state of mind. The conscious mind retracts to the back and the subconscious comes right to the forefront. Hence it is more open to good suggestions. Use of NLP techniques ensures you derive the best outcomes

Hypnotherapy can help to retrain your neural pathways and develop new patterns in the brain and body, to help you claim a win over pain

Clinical trials have shown that Hypnotherapy & NLP sessions are effective for reducing pain perception levels if you suffer from chronic pain

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