What is a Phobia?

Many people have issues emanating from subconscious fears, beliefs or obsessions of some kind, also known as Phobias

Phobias may sometimes even display physical symptoms such as Sweating, feeling uncomfortable, dryness in the mouth, panicking, loss of self-control, vomiting or even fainting etc

For example fear of needles, fear of insects such as spiders, fear of heights, fear of flying (aviophobia),. fear of public speaking, fear of closed spaces (claustrophobia), fear of being in a large gathering such as a social event or party, and many others. These are all the result of the subconscious mind sounding an alarm or warning that makes the conscious mind feel that you are in danger of some kind. Fortunately phobias can be cured through hypnosis.

Phobias may have their roots from earlier or  childhood bad experiences, usually forgotten by the conscious mind. In a hypnotic state a person can be led to earlier age regression, in which the subconscious mind remembers earlier events and experiences.. The person will then be able to reveal forgotten and bad experiences. Once the root cause has been established, we work through counselling and hypnotherapy to release and erase those memories from the subconscious mind and the person is cured of the phobia. You will Feel the change in you.

We ensure that you are not only cured of your phobias but also, where applicable, will enjoy the experiences such as attending parties or flying.

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