Panic Attacks

In the modern day lifestyle we all  experience Anxiety at some time or other. It's a normal physical and emotional phenomenon that our mind creates in response to some worry or perceived threat. Usually when the worry or threat is resolved, the anxiety dissipates

In some cases, however, the anxiety can develop out of proportion, and gets out of hand even in normal circumstances. It can happen that the person responds in a pattern to certain events, and the anxiety may become a routine and accepted part of life

When Axiety gets out of hand, it may reslt in Panic Attacks, which appears like physical symptoms and unwellness in the body like elevated heartbeat, palpitation and general unwell feeling

Anxiety and Panic Attacks have their origin in the subconscious mind


How can Hypnotherapy help??
Hence by using Hypnosis to re-program the subconscious mind, you may achieve the desired effect by dealing at a subconscious level

Hypnosis is a wonderfully relaxed state of mind. The conscious mind retracts to the back and the subconscious comes right to the forefront. Hence it is more open to good suggestions. Additionally use of NLP techniques ensures you derive the best outcomes

Hypnotherapy can help to enable you to completely release those negative beliefs and thought patterns so you can start making positive healthy changes in your life.

However it is very important to deal with the core issue that has created the various issues in the first place

Hypnotherapy helps to find the root cause of your Anxiety and Panic Attacks leading to overcoming the problem

Often a few sessions are enough to build up your confidence and this then leads to a much improved self image.

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